Illegal Vitamin C?

I don’t have a big first post planned, I’m busy! So instead I’ll just jump right in.

Everyday I notice more ways the American government is restricting its people instead of the people restricting the government. “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people,” or however it goes. The point is, I’ve recently formed a new habit. After watching a movie titled “food matters” I’ve started taking supplements. Supplements sound to the unitiated like steroids (or at least they did to me), however, what they are is nutritional supplements, i.e. vitamins. the film pointed out that only 12 people in 10 years have died from taking vitamins. This surprised me. I swear I’ve heard hundreds of horror stories about vitamins. anyway, the movie convinced me, so i went to the drug store and picked up a few things: multivitamin, probiotic, vitamin c, and flax. I took them in the morning, and that very day I felt better. When vitamins become illegal, these are some symptoms of vitamin takers that you can report to the s.s.: higher energy, more concentration, and better mood. i’d suggest stocking up on vitamins if u can (if u dare) and to start taking them if u already don’t (and don’t live on an organic fresh foods farm). Oh, and watch the film. The link explains the title and purpose of the post, so click on it if u are still reading this far.


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