no effing right to be in libya

there is no moral justification to support a ragtag band of mercenaries in libya. notice how everyone left and right appears to be celebrating qaddafi’s ouster. how many have been to libya? how many understand the country? i don’t, and i haven’t. it is simply not right to celebrate the violent ouster of a leader of another country when that country has not attacked yours. NATO is a criminal organization that must be disbanded. qaddafi had every right to use all means necessary to protect his regime against the rebels; it is not as if they hewed to nonviolent tactics. obviously, this was all very selective and had to do with oil, but it was a target of opportunity. qaddafi’s friends are in sub-saharan africa because he has actually given money rather than blood-sucking loans; i really don’t care whether you say he was an ‘evil man’ or whatever. it is simply not for foreigners to judge. you certainly used his oil. let libyans sort it out, like Eritreans did–we never helped them! we also usually don’t help the people against right-wing dictators; only people we don’t like. this sets a terrifying precedent–any half-assed rabble can rise up ‘peacefully’, infiltrate with agitators if possible, and get fired upon. Then go nuts and wage a ‘civil war’ that is immediately backed by NATO airpower (the same NATO that brought you the stay behind armies of Europe, faked left-wing terror to justify Fascism; P-2; the stategy of tension. Bullshit bullshit bullshit. Think of what this means, people: Syria could be next, or, basically, anywhere, we don’t like that has oil or threatens Israel. Venezuela. Myanmar. Mexico. WHEREVER. The Obamaniacs are indeed more clever than the Neocons, but far more evil–they’re ‘smart power’ all right. Makes you wonder whether they DID set up the conditions for 9-11 and sprung a trap for the Bushies. Machiavellian insider Establishment bastards.


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