First Citizen Killed by Executive Order (and publicly announced)

No due process, no trial, no judgement.  They justify it now as because he is evil.  “Everyone knows it, so I, Mr. Obama, can order him dead.”  That is scary, and illegal!  The president does not have that power!  The president can bring charges against a person like any other citizen and we can have a trial, but he doesn’t have the power to choose who are terrorists, who are not, and who gets to live or die.  From what I can tell the man gave speeches against the USA, he didn’t commit any crimes. This is a slippery slope and the first harsh rain has begun.  Just calling someone a terrorist does not make that person a terrorist.  This is bad news for those who live in the United States and have no escape hatch.  The government now has a precedent where they believe they have the right to kill you for plainly speaking your mind, citizen or not.  It has become more clear that the American form of government can be more accurately described as an elected dictatorship.  I do not see this ending well for Americans.


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