Who Won the Debate Tonight?

My Take.

I think Ron Paul clearly won.  Of course, I am a supporter, but I am not stupid.  I’m always worried he won’t do well, and he did surprisingly well (and I don’t think he does every time out).  Just to clarify, I don’t think he has won most of the debates, of course, in some of those he had 1/4 of the talking time, so it was kind of not fair. After the first commercial break, he delivered some very inspired points that all Americans can support.  The most convicted speaker, clearly.  Lots of support, lots of applause, tons of righteousness and creativity.  He didn’t fall into his typical pitfall of kind of speaking into too boring of a policy position.  And no one attacked him (He attacked Newt, and Newt tried to deflect)!  Clearly the people on the stage are hoping to steal and win over Ron Paul supporters by pretending to be his ally.  No one else spoke with the same support and fervor as he did as often as he did.

Perry got second, really did well and landed some punches on Romney.

Newt gets 3rd, BUT, all the fucking press are saying Newt won (of course), and so, he may get some bullshit boost from this.  But he was targeted for his divorce, and all this kinda shit.  Didn’t do too hot.

Romney fucked up bad.  Tried to play middle ground and didn’t come out very well.  Also had some gaffes, tried to bet another candidate $10,000 on stage on some policy, other candidate didn’t bite, he looks like a rich asshole.

Bachman invoked Herman Cain and his 999 plan 2-3 times, clearly trying to steal his votes since he dropped out.

Santorum stays the same.
So, I think for people who actually watched the debate and not listened to the debate pundits declare newt winner, Ron Paul makes a major move up the polls, but so does Perry.  Romney dips down below both, finally going down for good.  The question is, does Newt  suffer a hit when all the Punditocracy are in his corner?  If they are declaring him winner tonight, then all week it will be the exact same thing.  We have already established that people are clearly susceptible to media manipulation, so does Newt actually take a hit for a poor debate performance, or does the punditocracy push him to new highs?  Right now is a great time to make a surge in the polls.  20 something days till the vote in iowa, lots can happen between now and then.  But I hope to see Ron and Perry get a deserved push in the polls after this debate (if people actually care about the latest debate), if we disregard past behavior and gaffes (which i don’t and personally believe Perry is a typical political tool).


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