“Anonymous” “Threatens” Iowa Voters

This is the article from the Associated Press.

This is the video.

This is the first video ever uploaded from that same account, called shantiiproduction’s (I recommend getting high first, if you do such things).

Now, I don’t see investigative forces in Iowa trying to arrest the boys who pranced around indecently in Iowa.  Clearly they didn’t take that video seriously.  Why are they taking the first video seriously?

It isn’t too hard to figure out who made the first video anyway.  As a person who has watched many anonymous videos in the past two years I can tell this video is poorly made copy-cat (If I can see it, why can’t they?) But, furthermore, I have cracked the case!  These guys made the video!  You know how I figured it out?  I clicked on all their uploaded videos to the account.

You can follow the clear progression.

1) Mischievous kids make silly videos.

2) Mischievous kids find anonymous, start liking the messages.

3) Mischievous kids join occupy Iowa (see corn field in second video, as well as the video entitled “#OccupyIowaDay1” uploaded by them on October 7th).

4) Mischievous kids have epiphany, put all three previous steps into one video, claim to find it outside their tent in their Occupy Iowa encampment.

The end.

You are welcome officials in Iowa and journalists around the country.

Now, there are some folks worried that this is a false flag event so that powerful government agencies can oversee the caucus to tinker with the voting.  This makes sense only because the “Iowa officials” and the “press” are taking the video seriously.

But it does not make sense if the solution is to count paper ballots, which is what they are saying.  So, I am confused, and am not sure exactly what is going on here, who is running the show, or why they (the people behind the scenes who make such decisions as to have the media focus on silly videos)  are promoting this silly “threatening” video meme.  But, one does recall all the problems with the Florida vote in 2000, including paper ballots being illegally destroyed before the recount and a very suspect Supreme Court decision, among many, many other problems.  This could be the harbinger of many more such shenanigans.  If so, I guarantee it will be the Ron Paul votes that will suffer.

Let’s hope not.  2000 proves they (the same ones referred to above aka The Power Elite/Banksters/Goldman Sachs/BIS/He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, etc. etc. etc.) can make anything happen that they want to.  Of course, having the ability to print all the paper dollars you want to and having no oversight over what you do with it or who you give it to is quite an enabling situation to be in.

By the way, I’m not the only one who has noticed.


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