Happy !@#$%^&;* New Year Indeed!

2012 is already looking like the most interesting year of my life as of yet.

Mr. Obama just signed the NDAA of 2012.  This bill does two things.  1. )It attempts void our Bill of Rights (but only if we the people allow them to treat us like dogs- the Constitution didn’t give us our rights, they are natural born), 2) and practically declares war on Iran by imposing crippling economic sanctions on them.  How are sanctions enforced? By violence.  It is a virtual declaration of war, but worse than that, Iran has threatened to respond by shutting down the Strait of Hormuz.  When they do that, as their hand is being forced mightily, then the propaganda machines can get turned up to 11 declaring that Iran is the aggressor and that we must respond.  They can even bring back the tiny American flags in the corner of the screens.  Thus we will quickly spiral into yet another country to bleed our economy to death by attempting to be the World’s Police.

Of course, I shouldn’t be so surprised, this has been in the works for a while.  Who do you think assassinated 5 Iranian scientists?  Whose drone was found 40 miles inside Iran’s border?  What other economic sanctions have already been forced on them?  Whose spies are captured almost daily inside Iran?  We have been at war for at least a while now, but are about to go conventional.

This will have the worst possible result for our democracy.  Once we invade Iran, it is sure hard to ask the troops to leave without some sort of victory (and victory is unattainable, did we ever truly achieve victory in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, or Libya?  Iraq is still not stable.  OF course, they want endless war!  That is what the “War on Terror” was designed for.  There is no clear cut enemy!  We kill Osama in Pakistan, and they ask for more money for Afganistan!). This means Ron Paul and other peace loving beings will lose total support, and Obama, the greatest Tyrant in our history, will coast to re-election. Awful News…  (Do you think tyrant is a little strong? How about Rapscallion then?  But in all seriousness, he has done more to shield government from transparency, to punish whistle blowers, and to repeal the bill of rights than any president in our history.  He campaigned PROMINENTLY on all three of those “ideas.”  Remember, “The most transparent government in American History.”  To Jog your memory: http://change.gov/agenda/ethics_agenda/  And here’s the kicker, they love to say when they sign bills such as this, You have nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide.”  Can you dare tell our ‘public servants’ that same phrase?)

I have no doubt Obama decided to sign it VERY late in Hawaii on NEW YEAR’S EVE FOR A REASON!!!!  By the time Monday comes around and all the thoughtful commentators come back to work the propaganda machines will have been rolling full tilt.  Too late!  Secondly, who in their right minds wants to be brought down by something so bad as this, talk about a BUZZ KILL. Yet, I’m that guy.  I don’t enjoy it, but hey, someone has got to be talking about this stuff, even if no one is paying attention (or visiting my blog : ) Study after study shows that marketing is highly effective (otherwise why would they pay so much for it).  Marketing is an interchangeable word with “propaganda.”  When they get these machines rolling, ramming their pro-war lies down our brains again, no one who wants to still have friends can be against this thing.  Particularly after the first casualty is inflicted.  And why did he die? They’ll say he was defending our freedoms.  Just like they were in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, and Vietnam.

Happy New Year indeed, Mr. Obama.


To view the bill and those who voted for it go here http://www.opencongress.org/bill/112-h1540/show

Update, meet Jenn Morrill. She is working on new year’s eve apparently, and has done a much better job than i. in fact, i think i’ll give her her own post.



2 thoughts on “Happy !@#$%^&;* New Year Indeed!

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