Hey New Hampshire, Please Remember the Past Before You Cast

Hey New Hampshire, please remember the past before you cast your ballots.

These short videos ought to remind you of our recent election history so that you can look at the candidates from a fresher perspective.  What will Newt Gingrich look like after his first term?  What about Mitt Romney?  Rick Santorum?  What actions do you believe they will take? What about Ron Paul? These two extremely short videos will remind you to look past a candidates words, look at his past actions.  “Vote Policy, Not the Best Use of Hair Gel.”

People are saying the “Peace Candidate” can’t win.  But remember, Obama was the peace candidate against Bush, and Bush was the peace candidate against Gore’s nation building platform.  Clearly the people of the United States, though a part of the most warlike nation in the history of the world, prefer peace.  They have always chosen it (Wilson campaigned on peace, so did FDR, on and on we go).  Clearly Paul can win on the peace platform.  But unlike Obama and Bush, the PTB know he means it.  This is why he gets no MSM love.

Why do people vote for peace and then support war?  They are voting on the image of a candidate instead of his actual policies that they claim to care about.  Tisk. Tisk.  Furthermore, propaganda works folks, and part of propaganda is good distraction. Let’s do as we say Iowa.  Vote for someone whose policies truly reflect your beliefs.


Updated from Iowa to New Hampshire : )


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