Why Republicans Should Vote for Ron Paul

How to guarantee Ron Paul won’t run third party

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Whether it’s Sean Hannity, David Gregory, or Jay Leno asking, they all want to know one thing from Ron Paul: “Assuming you don’t win the GOP nomination, will you run third party?”

Paul has become annoyed at times when this subject is raised. No sooner had Paul sat down for his post-debate interview with Sean Hannity on Thursday than Hannity was trying to get Paul to say he would support the GOP nominee and not run third party. Visibly irritated, probably because he assumed he would get questions regarding the debate as Romney and Gingrich had just before him, Paul responded with, “I’ll give the same answer I’ve given, oh, 39 times now. I have no intention of doing that.” When Hannity pressed him to give an absolute statement, Paul replied, “I have absolutely no plans or thoughts of doing it.”

This answer does not satisfy conservatives who are terrified of Obama in office for another four years and who know that Ron Paul did not throw his support behind John McCain in 2008 (he also didn’t run third party).

Yesterday there was even the question raised in aWashington Times article if it’s ethical for Ron Paul to run as a third party candidate. The article’s author, Bob Siegel, wrote,

Our friend Ron Paul may soon be facing his own moment of truth. Is his passion really based upon a love for the American Constitution, or is it being fed by ego?

And Siegel concludes with,

Ron Paul, the day is dawning when you must put up or shut up: A second term of Obama may just end any honest application of the constitution you vigorously defend once and for all. How sad if you, of all people, make that happen.

Is it possible, though, that there is a solution out there that the pundits won’t mention? If, as it has been implied, the GOP base will turn out in droves to support anyone other than Obama in the 2012 general election, then wouldn’t that mean that they would even do so for Ron Paul? Despite their strong distaste for his foreign policy, they love his domestic policies far better than Obama’s.

Public Policy Polling tweeted yesterday that, “Paul performs the best of the Republicans against Obama among independents on almost every poll we ever do.” Independents are known to determine close elections; and Paul has a clear edge here over his Republican rivals.

Paul is the only GOP candidate who does and will appeal to the many liberals who have become disenchanted with Obama’s presidency and his empty promises, and they, too, will vote for Paul because of his foreign policy, his record on supporting civil liberties, and his stance on ending the drug war. Then there are those people in the Libertarian and Constitution parties who would also support Paul. And while Paul may be the oldest GOP candidate in the field, his message has particularly resonated with the youth in America, which would provide a significant boost when running against Obama, who had a monopoly on that constituency in 2008.

If Romney or Gingrich wins the nomination, and Paul chooses not to run as a third party candidate, then they will still not have the support of Ron Paul supporters no matter what people tell them to do. And “Newt Romney” won’t win the Independent or youth vote against Obama. Libertarians and Constitutionalists will stick with their own party. Choose Romney or Gingrich, it doesn’t matter. Either would lose in the general election.

If Ron Paul does run third party, then he will likely siphon off at least 15-20 percent, and Obama will win.

But if Paul is chosen to be the GOP candidate in 2012, then he will get the entire GOP base to vote for him (not out of love for Paul, but seething hatred for Obama), he will have every supporter of his at the polls (that goes without saying), and he will win more independents and liberals than any other GOP candidate ever would.

While Romney seems to have the whole presidential package and Gingrich is a good debater and politician, the fact is Ron Paul appeals to the broader electorate, if the goal really is to beat Obama. The mainstream media would have everyone believe that Paul isn’t electable and doesn’t stand a chance against Obama, but reason (and Paul being elected 12 times to Congress) will tell you otherwise.

At any rate, it’s the only way to know Paul “absolutely” won’t run third party.


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