What Happened Last Night in Iowa?

While Ron Paul is certainly pleased with third place, we all knew he could, and hoped he would, do better.  Personally I thought he would win, but at worst would come in a close second.  So, what happened?

Rick Santorum happened.  Yes, the voters who first supported Michele BachmanRick Perry, Herman Cain, and Newt Gingrich, finally found their way to topical tea party candidate number 5, Rick Santorum.

Topical?  Absolutely.  Just because these voters’ dislike of Mitt Romney is claimed to be primarily because of the many socialist policies and stances he has taken doesn’t mean that is true, or even that they hate candidates with socialist political histories.  It is actually quite the opposite.  All 5 of those candidates have explicitly kowtowed to socialist polices or institutions in their direct past and are still doing so today.  Don’t believe me?  Here is at least one for each candidate.  If you want more, do your own research (unlike these topical tea party voters).

Michele Bachmann– Wants a federal ban on abortion, a federal ban on gay marriage, she won’t cut any defense spending, and she wants to start a war with Iran (actually, just continue the one that is already ongoing) on her say so (no congressional approval). One could argue the last one is actually fascist, but I’ll maintain that it is both.  Anything that makes the federal government more likely to spend more taxpayer money more often for things that are unconstitutional is socialist in my book.  Expanding the power of the president to go to war willy-nilly means more wars, more often.

Furthermore, calling her and her ilk “social conservatives” is a misnomer.  Conservatives want less government, not more, and they particularly don’t want the government in their personal lives.  Imposing your personal will on others that don’t believe what you believe by banning same-sex marriage at the federal level is quite the opposite of that.  A real “social conservative” viewpoint would be one in which the federal government has no right to tell you what to do with any of your “social” decisions unless those decisions explicitly restrict the liberty of another person.

However, if the topical tea partiers wanted a candidate that is conservative on most issues except for expanding our nation’s endless wars and the social inquisition, she’s their gal and they should have stuck with her.  I have no clue why they jumped ship for Perry.  They both wear their evangelicalism on their sleeves so not being evangelical is not the reason.  It truly is an enigma.  In a way it is kind of sad seeing her drop out. With that voting block still alive and kicking she deserved to be where Santorum was today, for he is much more liberal than she.

I am going to deliberately shorten the rest of these.  All of the candidates below agree with Michele when it comes to “social inquisition” policies, endless war, and not cutting defense spending so I do not need to repeat those views.

Rick Perry– This one is easy. Gardisil, raised taxes in Texas, expanded government and government programs in Texas, etc.

CainWas chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, need I say more?  Really?

Newt Gingrich– This is easily the most on record socialist in this group, BUT TO BE FAIR to Newt, he is probably just saying whatever the particular folks who paid him or are in front of him at the time want to hear.  He will do anything for money. TARP, global warming, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, Health Care, you-name-it.

Rick Santorum– Also easy, just check his voting record as a senator. TARP, Patriot Act, Medicaire, Department of Education, etc.

The only difference between them and Mitt Romney is that his socialist actions have been talked about enough in the 2008 election that many people chose not to like him in 2008 and haven’t looked back.  The sad thing is, there is very little difference between what his policies would like like in office and all the rest of theirs (or even Obama’s).  It is all an illusion.

So, back to the topic du jour: What happened last night in Iowa?  The answer: The topical tea partiers realized that Newt wasn’t a conservative and flocked to Santorum the week of the actual voting.  Have no illusion that this time is different.  Already his national poll numbers are dropping despite his performance in Iowa.  Just like the previous four as soon as his record is examined his numbers drop back into the abyss.  Don’t be surprised if Jon Huntsman is the next to surge with the topical tea partier anybody-but-Romney-or-Paul-vote.

Why don’t these “topical tea partiers” actually vote for a conservative?  Why not vote for Ron Paul?  Because they themselves are conservative only in name.  They believe in liberty, UNLESS it is for people they don’t like (gays).  They believe in The Constitution, UNLESS it means we can’t go to war with Iran on the president’s say-so.  They believe in a balanced budget, UNLESS it means cutting defense spending.  That type of thinking means they don’t truly believe in any of those things.

Speaking of the budget, this is probably the most important and real threat facing our nation today.  In fact, it is a threat to our national security. When the economy crashes, not just will we be unable to invade Iran, we won’t be able to defend ourselves! We are adding 1.6 trillion dollars to our record setting 14 trillion national debt every year! This is what kills empires!  We must restore the republic and sound money to it or our nation will perish. Ron Paul is likely our last hope.

And speaking of Ron Paul, didn’t he do great getting third in Iowa!  He has been a top tier candidate longer than all the rest of the field excluding Romney (But including those 5 topical tea partiers).  That is good news, but this is the really good news.  Every candidate, excluding Romney and Paul, that has risen to the top has absolutely crumbled after coming under national scrutiny.  Ron Paul is the exception.  He has endured the harshest criticism of all, but look at his polling numbers!  And an extremely close decision in Iowa that split the delegates equally was the result.  Paul’s supporters held strong.  There was a minor dip, and this was due to the media scrutiny, but the majority held strong!  This means that his supporters are not going anywhere.  The timing of Santorum’s rise along with a minor dip from the media attacks caused him to just barely lose Iowa.  A similar boost for Huntsman could happen in New Hampshire next week.  But afterwards, what is left?  Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Here is to hoping that the topical tea partiers become true tea party conservatives in the next few weeks when faced with that decision.


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