What would have been?

4-4-68. Morning, April 4, shot rings out in the Memphis sky. Read MLK’s last sermon. 6-6-68. RFK gone. 11-22-63. JFK. Why were these three leaders eliminated (clearly by conspiracies)? To pave the way for the parade of puppets. The puppeteers were having problems enough with JFK; RFK was on his way to a win. JFK would have had a second term and/or RFK would have become president. No LBJ. No Nixon. No going off the gold standard, maybe. No Ford. Probably, an MLK presidency. Even given the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Cold War, any or all of these three would have taken the US in a radically different direction, probably toward peace and justice. What did we get instead? B movie actors (Reagan). Skull and Bones (Bush Sr.). Manchurian candidates for Wall Street/CIA (Obama). Actors all, handed scripts, sociopaths. Carter and Clinton? Globalists. Bush Jr.? Puppet, puppet, puppet. We NEVER get peace, our presidents are either stupid, evil, or both, and yet it is so easy–the world would like to breathe more easily. The USSR was afraid of US. China is afraid of US. USSR tried one measly feint in the New World, to respond to the bases and nukes all around it; USSR and China, ringed by the West, attacked by the West for centuries. As for the threat of Socialism in Latin America? Try being a peasant, stomped on by banana companies and oligarchs, all hand in glove with Empire. Band together, grab a gun, and head the calls for revolution. Sounded like a good alternative to crony capitalism and death squads.

If there is purpose and planning to it all, then the last president to tell the truth was Eisenhower with his ‘military-industrial complex.’ The globalist clique– Illuminati, Agents of Eleven, whatever you wish to call ‘It’–needs the military might of the United States as the sword by which to forge the world state. We may be witnessing the final pieces of the puzzle being fitted together, but remember that Russia and China were not supposed to work out as they did. China was supposed to collapse like clockwork, like the USSR, with Tiananmen Square. Didn’t work. Why? The West has never fully penetrated the Chinese secret state. Not even through the GWOT. China has never been conquered. And Russia? Those suitcases of cash in the nineties just didn’t keep the oligarchs away from the brilliancy of Putin. Putin wasn’t supposed to happen but, once again, the West has never penetrated to the heart of the Russian secret state as it has to each and every other polity in the world save a few that are currently on the chopping block.

Nevertheless, 9-11 went ahead (an act of collusion between Sunni jihadists made-in-London and elsewhere, and the Western secret state) and for several major purposes, with all sorts of minor purposes to get buy in, before or after the fact. Major purpose: get Western agents deeply into the hearts of all the post-colonial states that matter, through ‘intelligence-sharing’ and other activities. Gather momentum to create a believable list of ‘evil’ countries that either challenge globalist political supremacy (through being ‘regional superpowers’) or neoliberal global economic hegemony. Hence, Libya. Venezuela: threatens globalist control of remaining oil resources. Iran? Obvious. Shi’ism is one of the real enemies, not a paper tiger. Syria= hand it over to the Sunnis. Even Egypt–handed over to the Sunnis, taken from the Copts (look at how al-Baradei dropped out), privatized. Libya, privatized. Iraq, privatized. Slaughter the Shi’ites; slaughter the Christians. Blame it ALL on Israel, don’t look at the Gulf States or Turkey. Don’t notice the role Qatar took in Libya. There, it’s a war on Islam, the one major force in the world other than China and Russia that can block the world state. The Islamic world is splitting at the seams, and it was all possible, at least this quickly, thanks to 9-11. Al Jazeera. Abu Ghraib (humiliate Arab manhood). Guantanamo. Divide and conquer. Obvious.

But the SCO? Everybody wants to join it. The ‘stans averted the Western grasp. Even India wants in! All of this has made the West weaker and China stronger, but this is NOT some ‘commie plot.’ Take out even Iran and Syria, the last bastions of non-bend-over-and-take-it-from-the-West in the Middle East. You still have Vlad and Wen, and they know ‘sup. China and Russia together–the ultimate nightmare of the West. So…does there have to be a Third World War in order to achieve the world state? Was that always in the plans? 11 years after 9-11-2001 (New Age millennium, don’t forget–Sirius rose next to the Sun) does something else occur, do the bombs begin to fall? How far back are such things planned, since so much hasn’t gone according to plan? Is Iran the endgame? We are hanging by a thread. The Straits of Hormuz and some phantom nuclear red line are the points of no return as defined by the Pentagon. Just one false flag. Just one lone ‘terrorist’ in one lone kindergarten in one small American town. That’s all it would take–and a leaked memo or something or other linking back to Iran, or a fake Youtube video from the ‘Sons of Martyrs of the Only Imam of the Terrorist Brethren of Hezbollah, Tehran Chapter’. Imagine how easy it would be to plant the evidence. No need to take out a major US city. Just a few American lives, and Youtube. And Facebook. And Twitter. And the MSM.

Does Obama stand to win or lose if the war begins sooner rather than later? Let’s see: claim to kill Osama; brutal killing and LIVE ROTTING of Qaddafi; killing of Awlaki. Hmm. I’d say yes, they think it would improve his ratings vis-a-vis the anointed one (Romney).

BUT, we are talking about parasites here. They are by essence cowards–the West NEVER picks a direct fight with a powerful enemy, nor one with such powerful friends. They beat up on weak countries, and it wouldn’t seem wise to kill the host. What is Uncle Wen talking to the Gulf Arabs about? China can buy its oil anywhere–it is making the world rich. Angola, Venezuela, wherever. China will withdraw; it’s got lots of cash socked away. But Russia? By what means will the non-involvement of Russia be assured prior to any false flag? Or, does this even matter any more? Maybe the idea, terrifying as it is, is to once again maneuver us to the very edge of Armageddon, a crisis in the Straits of Hormuz. Stare down Russia, in the end. That’s what we’ve come to.

I truly do not believe that the parasitic financier class that runs the planet, or likes to think it does, will take the risk of destroying the planet. In other words, even when we’re talking Israel, and all manner of Islamic, Jewish, and Christian extremists, I don’t think the plan is for Armageddon. The threat suffices. It scares us and cows us and allows us to more easily give up our liberties. At the end of the day, Russia is immune and can withdraw to its vastness and rely on its abundant energy supplies. Perhaps the interminable wait for Iran (since 2003, if I remember correctly) has to do with a defined level of certainty that the Russians will say one thing but in the end, like China, seek to avoid conflict with a vastly better-armed America.

JFK and RFK and MLK weren’t perfect–far from it. But for whatever reason, they could not be allowed to happen. Perhaps they were tapped, but refused. Perhaps their vision of the world state was different from that of the Eleven. They’re not the only ones of course, just the most obvious. So I have to throw in Ron Paul–WTF? He represents a much larger percentage than was expected, but a percentage that is not a danger inasmuch as the country slides deeper into Totalitarianism or whatever you wish to call it. His candidacy will be of great importance to the Eleven, who will focus more energy on co-opting Libertarians and that whole mentality, as it is has spent on co-opting the non-Communist Left and ‘liberals’ in general in the past. That is to say, making every Revolution safe for capitalism and the wrong kind of individualism. That’s how it works. The only people who need to be eliminated are those who threaten to become leaders; the followers can easily be herder in one direction or another. end of rant fuckers


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