Newt Slams the Media

I loved the debate last night.  Ron Paul won, hands down.  The other three candidates mainly fought amongst themselves about who was the most corrupt! Ron stayed out of the fray because no one could attack him, his record is too strong!  When Ron spoke, he spoke the best I’ve seen yet, with absolute conviction and no gaffes.  And when the media tried to ignore him, which they inevitably do, the crowd demanded they ask Ron a question until they did!!!  They had asked each of the other three the question, and hadn’t skipped anyone yet, so it was a righteous response.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the media have to eat crow twice in one night, deservedly both times. It was wonderful.  Arguably the best part didn’t include Ron Paul.  Ron had may highlights, and I despise Newt Gingrich, but this was priceless.

The slammage starts at 2:15.


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