Impeach Obama (and not for blowjobs)

There is a serious impeach Obama Campaign underway here.  From what I can tell it is a serious movement, not about blowjobs at all.)
Obama is a terrible president.  I voted for him.  I am ashamed of that fact.  At that time I sincerely believed there was a difference between republicans and democrats.  The only good thing Obama has done on this earth as President is to open my eyes to the charade of the American two party political system.  He has not kept his oath to the constitution, and he was a constitutional law professor!  If we are going to impeach him (and we should), we should do it because he has broken his oath to the constitution by ordering the death of a fellow citizen (which is illegal and it won’t be too much longer before the president can assassinate non-terror suspect citizens.  Also, just calling someone a terrorist does not make him one, and the president does not have that power!) and skipping over the checks and balances system to start a war on his own, among other terrible things he has done.  We should not impeach him because of conspiracies or the blowjobs he did or did not receive.  The last time a president was impeached the process was turned into a national jerry springer show circus.  I believe this was done on purpose to make a mockery of the process.  However, if we can and have impeached presidents for silly things like blowjobs (what a precedent), then how can it be any harder to do it for breaking his oath to the constituton?!
I say we start the “Impeach Obama Campaign” right here on RevolutioNation.  Though we are not a large organization with any following at this point, someone needs to spread this message.  If we allow a president the precedent to assassinate his own people without calls for his removal of office, we are not doing our duty to our country or our constitution.  There are organizations who foolishly want to impeach him for silly reasons such as he is not a citizen and other such bullocks.  These people are just part of the distraction.  So ignore them.