Man Drowns in 3 feet of Water, Rescuers Present, But Just Following Orders

Another great find from Gary North at the

At what point will these bureaucrats not just follow orders? Is it when the man dies in 3 feet of water in front of them, or when they are ordered (in this case, asking) to machine gun journalists? Or how about killing innocent people at a funeral? What about dropping atomic bombs on thousands of innocent women and children?

I am eagerly awaiting the day when answering to a higher law regains its position above the man-made laws of the state.  I doubt we will ever see that day in our lifetime.  After all, we live in a time where it is acceptable for Christians to commit murder.

On second thought, Christians have been killing since the beginning.  I don’t think that day ever existed. I guess that is kind of the point.  Don’t look for salvation on Earth.  And don’t be surprised when shit like this happens.  I don’t know why I still am.

Calling yourself a Christian (or a Muslim or whatever) is kind of like joining a political party.  You are expected to answer for all the dumb fucks who misrepresent your values but scream them the loudest.  Rick Santorum is to Christianity what bombing citizens of other countries is to loving your neighbor as yourself.  Include other warmongering evangelicals in that as well.  Jesus warned about false prophets. My what a hold they have on our nation.  When will these people turn off their propaganda machines and re-open their Bibles?

The Original article can be found from the Daily Mail here:

The article below with Mr. North’s insights can be found here:


Man Drowns in 3 Feet of Water in Front of Government Rescuers

Written by Gary North on February 23, 2012

That we live in a world gone batty with government regulations comes as no shock. The voters know this. The bureaucrats don’t.

North’s law of bureaucracy: “There is nothing so bizarre that some bureaucrat will not do it by following the rules.”


A charity worker drowned in a 3ft deep lake when a policeman and a paramedic were ordered not to try to rescue him.

Simon Burgess, 41, was left to float face down as emergency crews watched.

Health and safety rules stopped them going more than ankle deep into the lake, an inquest was told yesterday.

According to a doctor, Mr Burgess’s life could have been saved had he been removed from the water quickly.

The constable and the ambulance worker who volunteered to jump into the lake were given strict orders not to do so by fire station watch manager Tony Nicholls.

Is this bizarre, or what?

It gets more bizarre.

‘The control room was informed I was going in and they sent a message that under no circumstances could I go in the water.’
Wading out: Following the delay, a pair of firefighters make their way into the centre of the waist-deep lake to attempt to rescue Mr Burgess.

A similar story comes from the United States. You can read about it here.

It will not get better as we march into the world of bureaucracy. It will get worse

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